Attorney Referrals

We Welcome Attorney Referrals
We have literally built our firm on our reputation in the Henderson/Evansville area among our friends and fellow attorneys. Bach Hamilton LLP is in a unique position in our area; we have served as first chair jury trial counsel in several Kentucky and Indiana counties, and we have developed an understanding of the differences and similarities between the laws of both states. Our friends in Kentucky often refer us matters in Indiana courts, and our friends in Indiana similarly refer us matters in Kentucky courts. Our attorneys are comfortable practicing in both.

Bach Hamilton is the only firm in Henderson specializing in personal injury cases, which include automobile accidents, truck accident cases, medical negligence, RSD cases, and other such matters. We enjoy serving as co-counsel with attorneys who do not specialize in such cases or only take a limited number of those cases. We will engage in a fair and equitable fee sharing arrangement under the Kentucky and Indiana ethics rules with any attorney, and our involvement in your case can range from basic local council duties to lead counsel responsibility.

By referring a case to Bach Hamilton LLP, your client will appreciate the fact that you referred him or her to a specialist, and someone you can trust. At the same time, you can rest assured that your client’s matter is being handled expeditiously and professionally, and you will receive updates from us on the status of the case during its entire pendency.
To refer a case or client to Bach Hamilton LLP, please call us or email us by filling out the contact form.