Car Wrecks

Kentucky and Indiana Car Accident Lawyers

We understand the fear and uncertainty that looms after a car accident. Whether you are a Kentucky resident who was in a car wreck in Indiana or an Indiana resident involved in a Kentucky car accident, we can help you.
Situated on the Kentucky-Indiana border in Henderson, Kentucky, with extensive experience handling auto accident claims throughout Western Kentucky and Southwestern Indiana, Bach Hamilton LLP provides accident victims with aggressive representation designed to maximize your recovery.

We will take the time to listen to you and investigate your personal injury claim. We will handle all legal issues stemming from your accident and work with your doctor or medical facility regarding your medical bills.

After an accident, you should seek immediate medical attention and then contact us ASAP. Accident scenes change, injuries heal, and witnesses disappear or forget what happened. The sooner you contact us, the better chance we have of preserving evidence and building the strongest possible case to maximize the compensation you deserve. We handle claims involving:

  • Car-car collisions
  • Car-motorcycle wrecks
  • Car-truck accidents
  • Pedestrians or bicycle riders struck by a car
  • Other car accident claims throughout Kentucky and Indiana

For information on how we can help you obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries or losses due to a car accident, please schedule a free confidential consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney by calling us or filling out the intake form on our Contact Us page. We offer aggressive representation and are committed to maximizing your compensation.