Case Summaries

Bach Hamilton LLP Case History: Settlements and Judgments

July 2007: Patient falls from therapy table, injures leg (mediation) — $120,000.00

May 2007: Accident with farm implement results in badly sprained ankle —$52,500.00

October 2006: Car accident: woman rear-ended, needs neck surgery (policy limits, no UIM) — $25,000.00

October 2006: Medical malpractice: Doctor does surgery on woman without consent and while she was taking blood thinner; doctor had lost privileges at prior hospital— $750,000.00

August 2006: Car accident: Sheriff’s Deputy crossed in front of client, causing broken leg while 14 weeks pregnant — VERDICT: $98,000.00

August 2006: Car accident: driver suffers possible internal injuries following 4 months without medical care after accident with Domino’s driver— $75,000.00

July 2006: RSD car accident: patient develops hip RSD following accident with Housing authority truck — $120,000.00

July 2006: Car accident: passenger suffers broken shoulder, broken nose, and internal injuries when other driver falls asleep. Accident kills other 2 people (Policy limits, no UIM) — $100,000.00

March 2006: Car accident: client suffers broken leg, fractured hip, and internal injuries in accident where other driver died (liability + UM policy limits) — $200,000.00

December 2005: Car vs. deer accident: two brothers suffer soft tissue injuries when Driver swerves to miss deer— $12,000.00

August 2005: Client, fork truck operator, suffers soft tissue low back injury when truck pulls away from bay, and fork truck drops to ground (comp included) —$75,000.00

May 2005: RSD car accident: Client develops RSD when passenger airbag hyperextends fingers; husband sustains burn; policy limits received —$57,500.00

March 2005: Nursing Home Negligence: 68-year-old man fell off inflatable mattress when bed rails weren’t installed and died — $400,000.00
January 2005: ATV accident: Client broke ankle when riding with friend —$44,000.00

January 2005: Car accident: Client suffered soft tissue neck injury when rear-ended — $40,000.00

January 2005: Car accident: client needed neck surgery following wreck while employed as school teacher (policy limits, no UIM, $240,000 additional comp settlement) — $100,000.00

November 2004: Car accident: husband and wife both injured in multi-car pileup —$47,500.00

August 2004: Car accident: client breaks leg and injures chest in car accident (Indiana) — $62,500.00

April 2004: Slip and fall: Client truck driver slips and falls in diesel fuel at truck stop, injuring knee — $45,000.00

January 2004: Car accident: elderly woman requires permanent nursing home (policy limits) (Indiana) — $100,000.00

December 2003: Car accident/wrongful death: 18-year-old passenger suffers fatal injury when friend loses control of vehicle (policy limits) (Indiana) — $120,000.00

December 2003: Car accident: client injures back when snow plow runs red light (Indiana) — $35,000.00

October 2003: Car accident: Professional French horn player injures jaw when truck runs her vehicle into ditch (Indiana) — $25,000.00

September 2003: Car accident: day care provider suffered neck and back injuries when defendant pulls in front of her (Indiana) — $40,000.00
September 2003: Premises liability: client injured by board when loading firewood on truck — $25,000.00

August 2003: Car accident: client injured in rear-end collision — $35,000.00
July 2003: Car accident: Client injures back when defendant ignores stop sign (Indiana) — $39,000.00

March 2003: Motorcycle accident/bad faith: client loses leg in accident, must sue own insurance company in bad faith (exceeds policy limits) — $85,000.00
January 2003: Car accident: elderly passenger badly breaks both legs in car accident (policy limits) — $75,000.00

January 2003: Car accident: passenger breaks back and several ribs (policy limits) — $85,000.00

October 2002: Car accident/bad faith: client has whiplash when truck unloading swings steel bars into roadway, hitting plaintiff’s vehicle (policy limits) — $50,000.00

July 2002: Premises liability: client injures leg falling from church construction site — $45,000.00

May 2002: Medical Malpractice/Premises Liability: Client falls out of chair at casino, requiring neck surgery; surgeon removes wrong disk — $337,500.00

January 2002: Car accident: Jury award when client injures leg when defendant has grand mal seizure and loses control of vehicle — $44,000.00

April 2001: Car accident: Family injured when van rear-ended on zoo trip— $60,000.00

November 2000: Car accident: coal miner hurts neck when preacher rear-ends him — $55,000.00

October 2000: Car accident: Banker herniates disc, needs surgery following minor rear-end collision — $65,000.00

October 1999: Employment law: client fired after boss tells customers, “he’s too old to cut it anymore.” — $45,000.00

June 1998: Car accident: Terminal cancer patient badly injured when defendant runs stop sign, dies soon thereafter — $200,000.00