Family Law

Kentucky and Indiana Family Law Attorneys

Based in Henderson, Kentucky, with an extensive practice in Western Kentucky and Southwestern Indiana, Bach Hamilton LLP represents men and women in divorce and family law matters. We have had excellent success in fighting for fathers’ rights in divorce and child custody and visitation matters. Our attorneys provide experienced representation and are committed to fighting for your rights.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys
Our family law attorneys handle all aspects of family law, and we understand the important distinctions between Kentucky and Indiana law. We would be glad to assist you with any family law matter, including:
Divorce: Our family law attorneys represent men and women in divorce, including contested, uncontested and collaborative divorces.

Child Custody and Visitation: Our divorce lawyers know how to negotiate agreements and prepare clients for child custody and visitation hearings. We have been very successful in representing fathers in child custody and visitation disputes. We also represent parents with modifications of child custody and visitation orders, including such circumstances as the custodial parent providing a poor environment for a child or one parent relocating out of state.

Child Support and Alimony: We represent clients with child support and alimony determinations, including requests for modification of child support due to a significant change in financial circumstances.

Distribution of Marital Property: Our family law attorneys handle complex property issues such as division of assets and debts during a divorce. We can explain the classification of property brought into the marriage, and advise you about the division of marital assets such as shares of stock, professional businesses, company ownership, pension plans, collectibles and other valuation issues.

Adoptions: We handle all types of adoptions, including foreign adoptions, domestic adoptions, and stepparent adoptions, which include the important step of seeking a termination of parental rights.

Domestic Violence: Our family law and criminal law attorneys work together to represent you in family court or criminal court in a domestic assault and domestic dispute cases.

For information about child support guidelines and family law matters in Kentucky or Indiana, or to discuss your divorce or family law matter with an experienced lawyer, please schedule a confidential consultation by calling us or filling out the intake form on our Contact Us page. We offer aggressive representation and innovative solutions tailored to meet your needs.