Motorcycle Injuries

Kentucky-Indiana Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents are usually devastating for the motorcycle rider. Victims of a bike accident can end up with broken bones, head injuries, burns or even death. At the Henderson, Kentucky, law firm of Bach Hamilton LLP, you will find that our personal injury attorneys are as compassionate as they are aggressive in pursuing claims.

We utilize technology and maintain a network of professionals to fight for the compensation you deserve. We are aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced in handling motorcycle injury claims.

Out-of-state motorcycle riders who have an accident in Kentucky or Indiana have to deal with the complexities of insurance and the nuances of the different laws governing motorcycle accidents and personal injury claims in each state. We are licensed to practice in Kentucky and Indiana courts, and understand how to deal with the legal system, the insurance companies and the insurance laws of both states.

Whether you are a motorcycle rider from Indiana involved in a Kentucky motorcycle accident or a Kentucky biker involved in an Indiana motorcycle wreck, we can help you understand the process and obtain fair and just compensation for your serious injuries or loss.